Tuesday, March 10, 2015

LOC101.010 - business lingo...

not sure why we do it or how we even learned.

it just comes naturally when in discussions at work where you talk about the "low hanging fruit" and the "quick wins" and the "let's take a step back here". when i think about it, it just rolls off the tongue (let's take this offline, is that value-add for the client, let me play devil's advocate...). i know most of these can be annoying and overused so i make it an effort to not use them - except when i'm with fellow consultants.

so "when push comes to shove" and you see us just rattling off gibberish left and right,  don't wait until "the end of the day" to have us go through a "come to jesus" moment. don't go "out of pocket"- just "bite the bullet", "tee it up" and tell us how it should be.

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