Tuesday, February 10, 2015

LOC101.006 - airport codes

from LAX to JFK, we probably know it (and there's a good chance we've been there too).

i think the best way to describe it is how we can talk about highways or streets. we can easily list off the streets you need to take to get from your house to the grocery store or the mall. for us, the "grocery store" is another city/state/country and the "streets" are the airports/airport codes. it just rolls off the tongue - "yeah, i'm going to bangkok through NRT" or "i have to go through ORD to get to JFK". and i suppose the frequency of travel helps us remember as well.

the perfect example of a conversation we might have was in "up in the air" when george clooney's character tries to figure out when/where he'd be able to meet up with vera farmiga's character. i'll see if i can find a youtube clip.

so the next time you see one of us, see how much we really know w/ our airports. 

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