Tuesday, January 27, 2015

LOC101.004 - status, status, status, status...

it's all about being diamond or platinum or whatever the highest level you can get.

it's the unwritten rule for new hires to sign up for all the reward programs out there. that goes from airlines to hotels to car rentals to credit cards. it's all about maximizing what we can get, points to acquire, but the eventual end goal is to get the highest status that a program can offer.

with status, comes benefits. that means free upgrades to first class or to a junior suite or to a premium car. and who wouldn't like getting free upgrades for different things. personally for me, the biggest benefit is the first class seat on flights. being a bigger dude, nothing like cramming into a small seat for 3-5 hours. 

all that said, i recognize that i've been blessed to be able to travel on the company dime to get to where i am (from a status to the points/miles). and i know that it's not going to last long, so i'm going to take advantage and appreciate every single upgrade granted.

sigh, dreading the day that'll come and i won't have status or miles.

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