Tuesday, January 20, 2015

LOC101.003 - so... what do you do?

to be honest w/ you, sometimes i don't know either.

back in the day, my family thought i worked for a golf company. others think i just travel and eat (which is partially true). how i explain it now is that i help solve problems wherever it might be. it's at the core of consultant work. outside of that, it's all varies/depends. some specialize early in a few skills and become experts. while others focus on multiple skills within a single industry become experts in that area/field.

as for me, i'm probably the later. i usually say that i'm "jack of all skills, but expert in none". i've jumped from to different clients over the years and helped in different departments/operations that i had to pick up new skills through the process. and that works for me because i always said that i wanted to learn a lot of different things to be that "flex player".

so next time you ask, i'll just tell you that i'm the "flex".

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