Tuesday, March 3, 2015

LOC101.009 - snobs for service

you just get used to and expect certain things.

not gonna lie, consultants are spoiled when it comes to service, whether it's from restaurants or hotels or flights. it's bound to happen. we travel on a weekly basis for work and because it's all about status, we stick with one airline to become a "top tier customer". so we get the extra service and attention from the airlines. same goes for the hotel chains we choose to stay. plus, in addition to the extra attention, we get the free upgrades and the benefits that come with that. and because we're on the road, we're "forced" to go out for dinners which adds to more service. 

all that said, I recognize that it is a benefit and not something I can/should depend on. And I make it an effort to not become that spoiled brat. so if you see/hear me or other consultants act that we are entitled to certain things, please slap us. I thank you in advance for keeping us in check.

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