Tuesday, February 3, 2015

LOC101.005 - need travel friends/partners

we love to travel. we really do.

we kinda have to because it's part of the job description. and for those who travel, who really likes to go places alone, right? it's all about making experiences with friends and family. so it's no surprise when we're on the hunt for people who not only love to travel wherever and whenever but also can take the time off to travel.

one of the benefits of consulting is the time off from work which is unusual (US only developed country in world w/o single legally required paid vacation day/holiday). if i don't take any extended vacation time throughout the year, i accrue 5 weeks of vacation. the sad thing is that it's hard to take time off throughout the year when you're staffed on a project so we usually take all of our vacation at once.

so if you're looking to go somewhere, lmk (hey, an acronym! surprised?)!

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